17 May, 2011

Abraham and Ur

March 3, 2011


In July 2009 I preached on the biblical idea of covenant from Genesis 15. In the sermon, I supposed that Abraham received his call while residing in Haran rather than Ur. This comment probably should have been accompanied with some kind of larger explanation, but since it was an introductory message, I didn’t address the […]

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Tim Keller in The Atlantic

February 22, 2011


Eleanor Barkhorn gave Tim Keller a nice interview in The Atlantic yesterday (“How Timothy Keller Spreads the Gospel in New York City, and Beyond”). The occasion? Tim’s latest book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, is released today. My favorite part of the interview? Pastor Keller’s easy and natural […]

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Christian vocation in the Wall Street Journal

February 17, 2011


Here is a brief report by Rob Moll on the role of Christian faith in the world of business (“Doing God’s Work — At the Office”). He shares the comments of Stanford design professor (and EA co-founder) Dave Evans, who is to speak at the Yale School of Management Christian Fellowship Conference hosted by Christian […]

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Umberto Eco likes Macs, dislikes Calvinists

January 19, 2011


Andrew Sullivan refers to a 1994 essay by Umberto Eco (“La bustina di Minerva”) from the Italian news weekly Espresso. In it, Eco presumes that the Mac is Catholic (specifically, Jesuit) because “It is cheerful, friendly, conciliatory, it tells the faithful how they must proceed step by step to reach – if not the Kingdom […]

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Issues in the new year

December 31, 2010


Don Sweeting has composed a list of cultural trends facing us in 2011. Tidbits include: “the West is still in a heightened phase of anti-authoritarianism” “. . . for the first time a Chinese city (Shanghai) ranked number 1 in the world’s most recognized standardized test for 15 year old students (the 65 country Pisa […]

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Mathison reviews VanDrunen

December 9, 2010


To my knowledge, this review by Keith Mathison is the most clear-headed review of David VanDrunen’s helpful book, Living in God’s Two Kingdoms. I can concur with Mathison that I do not necessarily “object” to a two kingdoms view of biblical theology; there is much from VanDrunen (and Stellman) that I heartily applaud. In particular, […]

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