Mathison reviews VanDrunen

Posted on 9 December, 2010


VanDrunenTo my knowledge, this review by Keith Mathison is the most clear-headed review of David VanDrunen’s helpful book, Living in God’s Two Kingdoms. I can concur with Mathison that I do not necessarily “object” to a two kingdoms view of biblical theology; there is much from VanDrunen (and Stellman) that I heartily applaud. In particular, I enjoyed the end of VanDrunen’s work where he described appropriate Christian attitudes towards cultural endeavors; Mathison noticed as well:

The final section of chapter 5 provides some instruction on how Christians are to view the common kingdom and their activities in it. Overall, they should pursue cultural activities with joy and satisfaction (p. 123). However, more specifically, VanDrunen offers three basic observations: First, “Christians should pursue cultural activities not with a spirit of triumph and conquest over their neighbors but with a spirit of love and service toward them” (p. 124). Second, “the New Testament calls us to critical engagement with human culture” (p. 126). Third, “the New Testament calls us to engage in cultural activities with a deep sense of detachment from this world and of longing for our true home in the world-to-come” (p. 126).

O course, Mathison adds, “Generally speaking, all three of these principles could be incorporated into either a two kingdoms or a transformationist perspective. They are not necessarily distinctive two kingdoms observations.”

Mathison’s review is pretty fresh; expect lots of comments.

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