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Contextualization in foreign missions

May 17, 2011


At the June annual meeting of the Presbyterian Church in America, an interesting overture (Overture 9: "A Call to Faithful Witness") will be discussed. It has to do with the PCA denomination approving a clear position on the role contextualization plays in world missions and to what degree gospel-centered contextualization becomes not gospel at all […]

Abraham and Ur

March 3, 2011


In July 2009 I preached on the biblical idea of covenant from Genesis 15. In the sermon, I supposed that Abraham received his call while residing in Haran rather than Ur. This comment probably should have been accompanied with some kind of larger explanation, but since it was an introductory message, I didn’t address the […]

Mathison reviews VanDrunen

December 9, 2010


To my knowledge, this review by Keith Mathison is the most clear-headed review of David VanDrunen’s helpful book, Living in God’s Two Kingdoms. I can concur with Mathison that I do not necessarily “object” to a two kingdoms view of biblical theology; there is much from VanDrunen (and Stellman) that I heartily applaud. In particular, […]

From whence angels?

December 8, 2010


I noticed from Thomas Boston the comfortable assumption that the time of Adam’s fall was on the same day as his creation; you can find this in his notes on Edward Fisher’s, The Marrow of Modern Divinity (67). This flies in the face of what the ‘man on the street’ assumes about the timing of […]

Barna charting Reformed churches

November 19, 2010


First of all, I never got a call from the Barna folks. Their recent release of stats on Reformed congregations within American Protestantism has been released and it seems to tell us . . . nothing. I suppose the very fact that Barna they are even asking the question, “Is there a ‘Reformed’ movement in […]

If Dr. Seuss led worship

November 4, 2010


Here is a fright from Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh: “Of You and Your Works Are We Always Awed.” In truth, I am not very surprised in light of the quest for relevancy in the church . . . at all costs! Here is the Seusscharist; named such because it utilizes the style of Theodore […]

More New Calvinism

October 19, 2010


The Gospel Coalition has just published a video discussion between Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Kevin DeYoung regarding the New Calvinism movement. Kevin summarizes the movement well as a soteriological movement. All are positive and of special note is how each responds to whether or not New Calvinism will last (hint: not unless it takes […]