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Abraham and Ur

March 3, 2011


In July 2009 I preached on the biblical idea of covenant from Genesis 15. In the sermon, I supposed that Abraham received his call while residing in Haran rather than Ur. This comment probably should have been accompanied with some kind of larger explanation, but since it was an introductory message, I didn’t address the […]

Marrying Moabites

June 8, 2010


In a book like Ruth, one that poet Johann von Goethe calls “the perfect story [Morris, TOTC]” and W. S. LaSor a “literary masterpiece,” we expect each and every detail to matter. But rather than mere literary detail is the historical fact that the story of Ruth concerns not one, but two marriage scenes: the […]

The Book of Ruth and the law

June 7, 2010


I am studying the Book of Ruth and, as I ponder her marriage to Mahlon from his perspective (he is an Israelite), I have found myself re-reading some material concerning the Mosaic Law. I am reminded by Tremper Longman that the book of Ruth is not a legal document, but a narrative [IOT, 132] and […]

A week of Bible readings

March 25, 2010


For those interested in following the last days of Jesus’ earthly life using only the biblical account, there is a helpful chronological guide here.

The history of the inerrancy debate

March 4, 2010


William Evans at Ref21 does a fine job of outlining the history of the inerrancy debate in “A Layman’s Historical Guide to the Inerrancy Debate,” including a helpful bibliography at the end. The ARP details I found unhelpful, but . . .

Reading Plans . . . and Reading, in 2010

January 8, 2010


To mark the beginning of the year, I set out to gather together all of the Bible reading plans I had been seeing fly across my blog reader this past month and a half. So, for that list, sample below . . . but then keep reading. Crossway has produced several (several) reading plans based […]

Words, words, words!

January 2, 2010


What an excellent post by Kevin DeYoung! This is from Nov. 2009 and, were it not for Bob Kauflin’s post a few days ago, I would have missed it. Kevin’s post is for any who would ask, “Why is worship so . . . wordy?” Kevin defends the priority of words in our worship. One […]